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KAT Taake Custom Jewelry Providing Affordable Luxury in St. Louis February 15, 2024 (0 comments)


St. Louis, MO--KAT Taake Custom Jewelry, owned by Kimmy Taake, challenges the traditional jewelry market by offering earth-mined and lab-grown diamonds at prices well below those of major jewelers and chains. This strategy broadens access to luxury diamonds, making them affordable for a larger demographic.

[Image via KAT Taake Custom Jewelry/Facebook]

A sponsored post in KSDK states that the company also sets itself apart by providing complimentary custom jewelry design services. This lets customers commission unique pieces without the extra fees usually associated with the jewelry. This approach has democratized access to custom jewelry and emphasized the brand's focus on individual customer needs and preferences.

The post adds that KAT Taake Custom Jewelry's model of combining competitive pricing with free custom design services represents a shift towards inclusivity and personalization in the jewelry industry, reflecting an effort to cater to a diverse client base looking for unique and affordable luxury options.

Learn more in the post in KSDK.

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