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Kendra Scott CEO Discusses Building a Strong Brand Experience January 18, 2023 (0 comments)


Philadelphia, PA--The CEO of Kendra Scott, Tom Nolan, had an interview with Total Retail. 

[Image via Tom Nolan's LinkedIn]

During the interview, Nolan delved into how the company's approach to community, stores, and associates is critical to building a solid brand experience. He provided an overview of the Kendra Scott brand and its unique approach to differentiating itself from competitors, particularly in terms of the in-store experience and consumer behavior.

Nolan also discussed the company's strategy to combat the labor shortage challenges by investing in new employees, shaping customer brand experience, and capitalizing on growth opportunities in 2023. The CEO also shared his predictions for the retail industry and how the company plans to address challenges in the future. 

Nolan's leadership approach is centered on integrating the brand's core values of fashion, family, and philanthropy into every consumer touchpoint. With over two decades of experience in brand building, management, and strategic planning, Nolan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table.

Link to the podcast.

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