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Keystar Gems Announces Production Over 10,000 Carats of HPHT Lab Grown Diamonds a Month August 10, 2021 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Keystar Gems has announced that they are generating over 10,000 cts. of HPHT diamonds a month. And this month, Keystar Gems is opening its inventory B2B to the US market, aligning with pique in national interest around cultivated diamonds. 

Within synthetic diamond production, CVD diamond manufacturers yield quantity, but rarely is a high capability seen within the HPHT market, according to Aagna S. Ajmera, Chief Marketing Officer for Keystar Gems. “With over 10,000 cts. a month of HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature) diamond, many doors are opened for Keystar Gems, as a manufacturer," said Ajmera. "We never have to say no due to demand. Our quantities help us meet commitments in a timely manner, and we have very happy customers. Now, we are excited to bring our cultivated diamonds to the US, which currently has the largest market for man-made diamonds.”

According to the company, their product is competitively priced for the trade and offers a gateway for diamonds to enter the fashion market. “Middle-income consumers can easily purchase a lab-grown diamond,” said Shivang S. Rao, Director of Keystar Gems, “Every day, we see young buyers and celebrities alike encouraging and demanding man-made diamonds, which are naturally conflict-free, and that is important to them. As businesses, we need to listen and make sure our customers see and are seen, educating them about the humanitarian benefits that go alongside the cultivated diamond market.”

About Keystar Gems: Keystar Gems is one of the largest lab-cultivated diamond manufacturers globally. The Keystar Gems team, with 350+ employees, manufacturers diamonds ranging from 0.03 – 10 cts. in size, that are available in all shapes, colors, and clarities. The company reports working with over 170K customers and 3K distributors. Keystar Gems has offices in Surat, Mumbai, Brisbane, and New York. For more information about Keystar Gems, visit, email or call 201-920-5576.

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