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Le Vian Debuts Symbols of Protection Collection February 10, 2021 (0 comments)

2021-12-10 Le Vian Ring

New York, NY--Le Vian’s uplifting Symbols of Protection collection, which launched in response to the coronavirus pandemic, has been warmly received by brand loyalists and new buyers alike. The collection, which features a panoply of different iterations and interpretations on the theme of protection seeks to provide comfort for consumers in this trying moment of time. As a result, the collection has been selling extremely well, reflective of a rise in the average price shoppers are spending across all Le Vian retail stores during the pandemic period. Confined at home, jewelry lovers are willing to invest more than ever in high-quality, long-lasting jewelry that speaks to their emotional needs. (Images: Le Vian Pendant featuring Nude Diamonds set in Strawberry Gold (below) and Le Vian Ring featuring Blueberry Sapphire and Nude Diamonds set in Strawberry Gold (top of story).

The range includes a wide variety of symbols that attract different kinds of consumers. Religious symbols, like The Infinity Cross, which has quickly become the collection's fastest-selling item, feature prominently. The matching Infinity Cross earrings are proving very popular as well. Symbols of love, such as hearts and symbols of unity and togetherness, like the ‘Stronger Together’ jewel which depicts two hands clenched together, are staples of the collection. Le Vian has incorporated gems such as quartz which evoke feelings of hope, into many of the jewels. Rainbow-inspired pieces have been designed to bring to mind the Pride flag or children’s handmade drawings on windows. Pieces echoing the forms of the ginkgo tree, renowned for its healing qualities, can also be found in the range. 

Eddie Levian, Le Vian CEO says, “We are delighted with the positive reception our Symbols of Protection range is currently enjoying. It makes sense to us that in such unprecedented times, people have sought out symbols that make them feel anchored. We love being able to provide our dedicated collectors with the inspiration to take on the future. As people across the globe are forced to remain home and cannot spend money on other luxuries like travel and restaurants, many have turned to investing in jewelry.”  

Le Vian is a New York-headquartered, family-owned jewelry company. With a history rooted in the royalty of ancient Persia, today Le Vian is a firm favorite with Hollywood royalty. When in 1746, Persia’s Nadir Shah conquered India, he chose the LeVian family to guard the royal jewels he had plundered, including the legendary Koh-I-Noor diamond, currently among the British Crown Jewels. To perpetuate the LeVian family legacy, Le Vian is committed to investing in innovation, to having every design start with an original idea, to democratizing luxury by making fine jewelry affordable and by treating its collectors like members of its own family. 

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