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Life Sentences for Attorney and Hitman in Oak Park Jeweler Murder Case June 18, 2024 (0 comments)


Oakland County, MI--Two men involved in the murder of jeweler Dan 'Hutch' Hutchinson have been sentenced to life imprisonment. Per a report in Fox 2, Marco Bisbikis, a former attorney, and Roy Larry, the hitman, were convicted of first-degree murder, conspiracy to commit murder, solicitation of murder, and felony firearm last month.

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In court, Bisbikis sought an adjournment to review restitution issues, which was denied by Judge Nanci Grant. He claimed wrongful conviction. The report stated that Bisbikis had incorporated himself into Hutchinson's will and trust before orchestrating the murder-for-hire plot with Larry, who shot Hutchinson on June 1, 2022, outside an Oak Park pawn shop.

Per the report, victim impact statements highlighted the devastating effects on Hutchinson's family. "Marco, you're evil. You murdered my mother's only son," said Martha Hutchinson, as per the report. Chris Kessner, Hutchinson's brother-in-law, highlighted the long-term impacts on the family, noting the irreplaceable loss.

The report added that Marley Hutchinson, Dan's daughter, emotionally recounted her last communication with her father and expressed her enduring grief. Addressing Bisbikis, she said, "I hope your children never see you again."

Larry also addressed the court, apologizing to the family but maintaining his innocence. The report added that he criticized the plea deals given to others involved in the plot, suggesting they were unjust. Bisbikis echoed these sentiments, calling the deals "sweetheart deals" and asserting his innocence.

Judge Grant, noting the case's complexity, sentenced both men to life without parole for murder and conspiracy to commit murder, the report added. Additional felony charges will be served consecutively.

Larry denied being the shooter, while Bisbikis did not testify. Larry's cousin, Darnell Larry, who organized the hit, received a reduced sentence in exchange for his testimony. Per the report, two others, Angelo Raptopolous and Philip Sumpter, were also charged, with Raptopolous accepting a plea deal and Sumpter's case still pending.

Learn more in this report by Fox 2.

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