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Long’s Jewelers Unveils Landmark Store in Braintree - Now Open to the Public November 10, 2023 (0 comments)


Braintree, MA--Long's Jewelers has marked a new chapter with the opening of its latest store in Braintree, Massachusetts.

[Image via Judd Rottenberg/LinkedIn]

Located at 150 Granite Street, this expansive 11,000-square-foot showroom is situated in the building that formerly housed Barnes & Noble.

"Just in time for the holidays," Judd Rottenberg of Long's Jewelers shared on LinkedIn. "We look forward to seeing you soon!"

Judd had expressed excitement over the new establishment, which he said would become "a beacon for shoppers" entering Braintree, especially those traveling via Route 93. The strategic location and the store's design align with Rottenberg's vision to offer its clientele a more personalized shopping experience.

The new store's location significantly shifts from its long-standing presence in the South Shore Plaza. The move into the spacious former bookstore represents not just a change in address but a transformation in how luxury goods are presented and experienced by customers in the region.

"Long's has been a mainstay in Braintree since the 1960's, and we are so excited to bring a new level of approachable luxury to the South Shore," said Long's Jewelers President Craig Rottenberg in a news release. "This new store captures everything we've learned in that time and will be something unique to the market."

"We know both new customers and long-term relationships will all appreciate this new approach to an amazing experience, incredible product and a beautiful and comfortable setting," Craig added.

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