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Jeweler Claims Burglars Stole $400K In Items From ‘Impenetrable’ Vault October 26, 2022 (0 comments)

Longwood jeweler vault

Longwood, FL--A jewelry store owner claims thieves broke into his business and stole $400,000 of merchandise.

[Image: Screengrab via WESH]

According to a news report, Albert Pagan, the owner of Certified Jewelry Design off West 434, was alerted of the break-in after the owner of his adjacent business noticed that their store had some damage. 

Pagan told the outlet that the thieves broke through the roof of the other store by cutting through cement, steel, and a reinforced wall to enter his business and steal the items from his vault.

"But now we've lost everything we've ever worked for and our life savings,” Pagan said, per the report. “We are just going to keep on going and start over."

The store owner feels that the vault cannot be penetrated. “To think these bars were welded all through here," he claimed. "You can see where these bars were cut to pieces."

Pagan added in the report that the thieves stayed low enough to avoid triggering the motion detectors. They even disabled one of the cameras in the store. 

Learn more about the robbery claim here.

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