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Louis Vuitton Set to Release Blossom Fine Jewelry Line August 22, 2023 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Louis Vuitton unveiled its Blossom Fine Jewelry Collection on August 18th, further enriching its Blossom jewelry lineage. Inspired by Monogram Flower, this collection weaves designs and adaptability, championing personal flair and unique expression.

[Image via Rain Mag]

A report in Rain Magazine states that the Blossom Fine Jewelry Collection - is crafted under the guidance of Francesca Amfitheatrof, artistic director of Watches & Jewelry.

The Blossom line captures the quintessential Monogram Flower, renowned for its star-like shape. The collection's detailing merges bold patterns with organic charm, unveiling varying dimensions and designs tailored to individualistic tastes. 

Adorning 18k rose gold pieces with diamonds and showcasing the 18k white gold in October, the collection parades 11 masterpieces. From the subtlety of stackable rings to the luxury of oversized earrings, Blossom offers a diverse palette to mirror every sentiment and setting.

Learn more about the collection in the report in Rain Magazine.

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