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Marc Duquette Gets Awarded Registered Jeweler Title by the American Gem Society April 13, 2022 (0 comments)

Marc Duquette

Manchester, United Kingdom--Marc Duquette was awarded the Registered Jeweler title by the American Gem Society, according to a news report.

Duquette's work as the store manager of Day's Jewelers in Manchester brought him to the America Gem Society Registered Jeweler program.

A professional title from the American Gem Society is one of the highest honors one can achieve in the jewelry industry," said Michael Richards, CG, President of the American Gem Society board of directors, in the news report. "An American Gem Society title cannot be earned easily and is a guarantee of expertise, knowledge, and ethics."

Duquette completed the required coursework and classroom study, and written and practical exams in diamond grading to earn the title. Per the report, his newly-earned certificate recognizes him as a leading authority on diamonds in the U.S. 

"We're very proud of Marc and his many accomplishments in the field of diamonds," said Joseph Corey, Day's president, as per the news report. "Diamonds have been the core of our business for more than 108 years. In 2011, DeBeers, the world's largest and oldest diamond mining company, selected Day's Jewelers to represent their diamonds in Northern New England. Marc is helping Day's to uphold our commitment to DeBeers and to our customers to provide the highest level of expertise and professionalism in the diamond business."

Read more in the complete report.

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