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Martine of Hulchi Belluni Highlights Precision in Jewelry Design February 02, 2024 (0 comments)


New York, NY--In a video uploaded on Facebook, Martine of Hulchi Belluni offers insight into her jewelry design process. The process begins with detailed sketches, where Martine channels her ideas into tangible concepts. This initial phase is critical for setting the tone and balance of each piece.

[Screengrab via Hulchi Belluni/Facebook]

The commitment to quality is equally stringent. Martine inspects diamonds, ensuring their quality meets the brand's high standards. This meticulous attention extends to the setting of each gem, guaranteeing that the final product reflects the brand's reputation for excellence.

Martine's methodical approach highlights the importance of balancing creativity with a rigorous quality assurance process.

See the video here.

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