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Mastering Necklace Layering: Tips from Anzie Jewelry July 07, 2024 (0 comments)


New York, NY--In a Facebook post, ANZIE Jewelry shared a brief guide to layering necklaces, turning this timeless art into an accessible fashion skill.

[Image via ANZIE Jewelry/Facebook]

Here's a breakdown of their advice on creating the perfect layered look, according to their post:

  1. Begin with a Statement Piece: Choose a bold necklace to anchor your ensemble.
  2. Vary the Lengths: Combine necklaces of different lengths to achieve a cascading effect.
  3. Mix Styles and Textures: Blend delicate chains with bold charms for a dynamic look.
  4. Add Personal Touches: Incorporate initial charms or birthstones to make the look uniquely yours.
  5. Strive for Balance: Using 3 to 4 necklaces strikes the right balance between chic and cluttered.
  6. Consider Your Neckline: Match necklace lengths to your top to ensure harmony in your outfit.
  7. Comfort is Key: ANZIE designs its pieces to layer comfortably and effortlessly.

Check out the original Facebook post.

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