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Mattia Cielo Unveils the Latest Evolution of Iconic Flexible Jewels at Couture Jewelry Show April 24, 2024 (0 comments)


Las Vegas, NV--Fine jewelry brand, Mattia Cielo, will showcase its next evolution of its iconic flexible jewels with precious gems and natural diamonds at the upcoming Couture Jewelry Show from May 30 till June 2.

At Couture, Mattia Cielo will introduce the latest addition to its signature collection, Rugiada, which embraces a new dimensionality to enhance the volume and presence of each piece. Within this collection, natural diamonds are nestled in micro-pavé settings.

One of the highlights will be the designed gem version of the “Bubble” bracelet, which creates a play of volumes and colors.

[MattiaCielo gem bubble braceelet]

In addition to Rugiada, Mattia Cielo will debut a new capsule collection featuring emerald “baskets” encircled by natural diamonds. This collection combines avant-garde design with the charm of Ghirlanda style. Each piece embodies a new aesthetic language, seamlessly weaving the brand's signature style into every creation.

Visit Mattia Cielo at the Couture Jewelry Show in Las Vegas, NV, at Salon #301.

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