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Mikesell’s Fine Jewelry Celebrated as Bitterroot Valley’s Business of the Year May 24, 2023 (0 comments)


Hamilton, MT--Mikesell’s Fine Jewelry celebrated their 40-year presence on Hamilton's Main Street by being named Business of the Year by the Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce.

[Image via Ravalli Republic]

“Forty years went by like zip,” said owner Cindy Mikesell, as per a Ravalli Republic report. 

Store manager Susan Wetzsteon noted in the report that the bittersweet and joyful moments tied to their business, such as aiding a young couple in choosing an engagement ring. However, there are also more challenging times, where a last gift from a spouse to their loved one becomes a painful memory, she said.

Mikesell, who has 50 years of experience crafting jewelry, started her career in Seattle before relocating to Montana, where she reignited her passion for her craft.

The report noted that she prides herself on the strong bond formed with clients. This bond has led to a thriving business. "We’ve had clients in here with such stories we’re all in tears,” she said in the report. “It’s about getting to know your clientele for all these years and to follow them through their life and their kids' lives."

Former president of the Bitterroot Valley Chamber of Commerce, Wetzsteon nominated Mikesell's for the Business of the Year due to their long-standing presence and contributions to the community. Per the report, she praised the store's involvement in community activities, support for local nonprofits, and commitment to mentoring young high school girls, helping them launch successful careers.

Currently, Mikesell's employs three high school students, one preparing for college. Mikesell believes in constant renewal through young energy, keeping the store vibrant and lively.

Learn more in the Ravalli Republic report.

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