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Jewelry Store Owner Promotes Organ Donation, Encourages People to ‘Give Life’ April 14, 2022 (0 comments)

Cindy Sellers

Murrells Inlet, SC--A local jewelry store is promoting organ donation among customers. The reason behind it, as per WMBF news, is the store owner's experience with organ donation. 

The shop named Shugs by the Inlet is located on Highway 17 and has been in operation for almost a decade, reports the news outlet. The shop's owner, Cindy Sellers, donated a kidney to her ex-husband.

"He asked me one day if I would be willing to give him a kidney, and I said, 'Of course I am! Of course, I will!'" Sellers said, as per the news report.

Sellers added, "If I had 10 kidneys, I'd give all of them away, except for the one I needed, because it's a very rewarding experience to give somebody life."

Sellers' ex-husband, Jerry, died 11 months after the transplant.

A grieving Sellers had the idea to promote kidney donation while walking on the beach. 

"I didn't want to spend one other living moment without paying tribute to his memory," she said in the news report. "I do like to take that as a way that I can keep forwarding my message and encouraging people to give life."

Read more in the complete news report.

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