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Natural Diamond Council Releases Holiday Trend Report For Retailers And Consumers September 29, 2020 (0 comments)


New York, NY—The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) on Tuesday presented its Holiday Trend Report to retail partners and key members of the trade. The report was compiled by NDC’s Style Collective, a team of influencers including editor-at-large Jill Newman; stylist Will Kahn, who styled the report; Paul Schneider, founder of famed retailer TWIST; celebrity stylist Cristina Ehrlich; and Rachel Garrahan, jewelry and watch director for British Vogue

The report serves as a guide for retailers, providing unique insights and trend inspiration for the season ahead. It also inspires consumers and helps build desire for diamond jewelry.

Four key themes identified as being meaningful this Holiday include: 

“This season’s trends offer something for everyone, but are particularly appealing to young, first-time diamond buyers,” says Jill Newman, NDC’s editor-at-large. “It’s a modern, contemporary mix that we hope will inspire consumers to think outside the box when it comes to diamond jewelry.”

The trends will be explored further and shared with consumers through a series of dedicated features on Only Natural Diamonds and social media, beginning at the end of October and running through the first week of December.  

“Now more than ever consumers are looking to express themselves and to commemorate their personal relationships in unique and meaningful ways,” says Kristina Buckley Kayel, Natural Diamond Council’s managing director for North America. “Natural diamond gifts offer the authenticity and lasting value shoppers are looking for, while being innately personal and representing one’s individual sense of style.”  

Interest in diamond jewelry has rocketed in the past six months. From a low in March, there is a 124% increase in consumers searching online for diamond jewelry, according to Google Trends. This was further supported by De Beers Group’s latest consumer insight survey which reported a recovery in confidence versus the previous month and noted that both men and women are more likely to purchase and/or receive diamond jewelry in the next six months compared to previous reports.

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