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NDC and Diamond Standard Introduce Diamonds as an Investment to Retailers and Customers May 17, 2023 (0 comments)

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New York, NY--Natural Diamond Council (NDC) announced a strategic collaboration with Diamond Standard, the developer of the world’s only market-traded and regulator-approved diamond investment product. This collaboration aims to enhance the visibility of Diamond Standard’s “Coins & Bars” product through a Retailer Affiliates Program, designed to showcase and provide access to Diamond Standard's core investible offerings.

Diamond Standard has “successfully transformed natural diamonds, an untapped trillion-dollar asset, into the first truly fungible asset,” NDC said in a statement. “By leveraging blockchain technology, the company has also standardized the value of diamonds, creating a uniform system.”

NDC says natural diamonds are an ethically sourced, rare and finite natural resource. Similar to the gold, silver, and uranium markets, the demand for diamonds is expected to drive price appreciation. Demand for diamonds has seen record growth since 2019.

"Institutional investors have begun to acquire diamond commodities. Through the Natural Diamond Council and influential retailers, we want to enable consumers to benefit from this building demand – they already appreciate the beauty, scarcity and value,” said Cormac Kinney, CEO and founder of Diamond Standard.

Diamond Standard Coins & Bars unlocks the potential of natural diamonds as an investable asset with a product that provides a daily market price and liquidity. These fungible diamond offerings already trade on a spot market and have received approval as "good for delivery" to settle futures contracts, Kinney said.

In collaboration with Diamond Standard, the Natural Diamond Council said it will develop educational materials that outline the investment profile of diamonds, as well as the environmental, social and governance characteristics associated with Diamond Standard's offerings.

“This collaboration presents a unique opportunity to educate a wider audience on the inherent value of natural diamonds in an alternative way, while extending Diamond Standard’s reach to leading retail jewelers in the U.S.,” said David Kellie, CEO at Natural Diamond Council.

A select group of jewelry stores will be chosen to showcase Diamond Coins and Bars, further increasing consumer awareness new natural resource, NDC said.

“These assets are already held by thousands of professional investors, family offices, and funds,” NDC said in a statement. “The educational materials will emphasize the role of diamonds in diversified portfolios, as well as the preservation of value and inherent scarcity that distinguishes natural diamonds from lab-grown alternatives.”

Consumers will have the opportunity to purchase these commodities exclusively from Diamond Standard. By utilizing a designated retailer’s code, they will enjoy special benefits, including free shipment or custody at Brinks. In turn, the retailer will receive a commission, marketing materials, collateral and branding support, as well as comprehensive training on the advantages and mechanics of these products.

“In addition to arming the consumer with alternate avenues to gain exposure to diamonds, this venture promises tremendous value to participating retailers as well,” said Greg Kwiat, CEO at Kwiat Diamonds. “As a brand and retailer, this offers a natural extension and complements the natural diamond jewelry proposition in-store, as well as customer retention and loyalty.”

Kwiat emphasized the additional value that participating retailers will gain from this venture.

“The program highlights the enduring value of natural diamonds and gives consumers alternative avenues to access diamonds as an asset class. It also seamlessly complements the in-store natural diamond jewelry offering.” Kwiat said.

Retailers wishing to apply to participate in the Diamond Standard affiliate program should visit: or email

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