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Rose Cut Diamond Ear Chain Unveiled by Walters & Hogsett Jewelers April 24, 2024 (0 comments)


Boulder, CO--Walters & Hogsett Jewelers has unveiled a new ear chain adorned with three rose-cut diamonds set in yellow gold, an example of their in-house Studio W&H craftsmanship.

[Image via Walters & Hogsett Jewelers/Facebook]

Crafted by master jeweler Todd Hollely, a veteran with over twenty years in the field and a Tyler School of Art and Architecture graduate, the piece combines traditional and contemporary jewelry-making techniques.

Creating pieces like the rose-cut diamond begins with a consultation to capture the client's style and vision.

This is followed by detailed sketches and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) renderings, leading to a wax model for approval before the final piece is cast.

Learn more about the process on their website.

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