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NYC Retailers Weigh Pros and Cons of New Retail Theft Strategy  May 22, 2023 (0 comments)

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New York, NY--Retailers are evaluating the new strategy proposed by city officials, including Mayor Eric Adams, to curb the rising incidents of retail theft. The plan targets reducing shoplifting and organized retail theft in all five boroughs.

[Photo by Laura Tancredi]

According to a news report on WWD, notable retail chains like CVS, Target, and Duane Reade have been significantly affected by these crimes, with everyday items such as toothpaste and aspirin locked up for security. Representatives from CVS and Target have deferred their comments on the plan to the New York State Retail Council (NYSRC).

Per the report, Melissa O'Connor, the NYSRC's president and CEO, lauds the new plan for its strategic approach and collaboration with the New York City Organized Retail Theft Task Force. She sees it as an essential collaboration to counter organized crime syndicates.

However, retailers, including Melissa Joy Manning and Page Sargisson, jewelry store owners who have both been victims of violent robberies, are concerned about the plan's practicality, per the report. They argue that some of the recommended safety measures are already in place and call for more tangible solutions.

Kelly Carroll, executive director of the Atlantic Avenue Business Improvement District, pointed to the root of the problem, noting in the report the difference between theft for survival and organized retail crime. Ken Giddon, president of Rothmans, criticized the proposal of informational kiosks in stores, viewing it as a diversion rather than a solution.

The report notes that amid the critiques and support, the NYC retailers agree on the urgent need for practical actions to counter the surge in retail thefts and ensure the safety of their businesses.

Learn more in the WWD report (subscription may be required).

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