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Only Natural Diamonds Releases 2024 Jewelry Trends Report May 06, 2024 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Only Natural Diamonds has released its 2024 trends report, identifying key movements in the jewelry market and highlighting personal expression.

This year, the prominent trends include combinations of diamonds and pearls, the increased popularity of fancy-cut diamonds, and versatile diamond chokers. These trends highlight a shift towards customization and individuality in luxury jewelry.

Trend I: Diamonds and Pearls

Embraced for their gender-neutral appeal and celebrity endorsements, these pieces blend traditional and contemporary elements. The report noted that jewelers like A.S Motiwala and Popley & Sons are leading this trend with sophisticated designs. Notably, keshi pearls are favored for their unique shapes and standout luster when paired with fancy-cut diamonds.

Trend II: Fancy Cut Diamonds

Interest in fancy-cut diamonds continues to surge, extending beyond engagement rings to various jewelry types. Shapes like pear, marquise, emerald, and oval are popular among consumers, especially Gen Z. Leading this trend are jewelers like Badalia and Kantilal Chhotalal.

Trend III: Diamond Chokers

Diamond chokers have become versatile and suitable for grand events and everyday wear. 2024 sees these pieces evolving from simple designs to intricate, bold statements. Jewelers like Navrattan and VCJ Bespoke are diversifying their offerings, with tennis chokers noted for their flexibility and ease of layering for different looks.

See more on these trends in this report by Only Natural Diamonds.

[Images via Only Natural Diamonds]

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