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Over $200,000 Worth of Rolex Watches Stolen in Washington D.C. Jewelry Store Smash-and-Grab March 05, 2024 (0 comments)

Crime Scene

Washington, WA--A smash-and-grab robbery at the Tiny Jewel Box jewelry store, located at 1155 Connecticut Avenue NW in downtown Washington D.C.,  resulted in the loss of nine Rolex watches collectively valued at over $200,000.

Per a report in Wtop News on February 24, authorities state that the incident occurred shortly before 1 p.m. when one individual shattered the store's exterior window using a sledgehammer, which allowed two accomplices to reach inside and seize the luxury watches, quickly escaping in a Honda Accord.

The timepieces vary significantly in value, ranging from $8,300 to $42,500, as detailed in the police report.

The individuals involved are facing serious allegations, including first-degree theft and destruction of property. The investigation is ongoing as police seek any leads that might aid in the capture and prosecution of those responsible for this high-stakes robbery.

Link to the report in Wtop News.

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