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Over a Dozen Masked Robbers Ransack Newark Jewelry Store in Daylight Robbery June 06, 2024 (0 comments)


Newark, CA--Newark police are searching for over a dozen individuals who ransacked Bhindi Jewelers at 5944 Newpark Mall Road just before 1 p.m. on May 29.

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"Unbelievable. I was like 'no way is this happening here so close to home in Newark," said Quynh Chen, an attorney with a nearby office, in a report by CBS News. Chen described the scene as shocking and violent.

Per the report, Newark police captain Jolie Macias explained that Bhindi Jewelers has two locked glass doors that require staff to buzz customers in. The robbers used large hand tools to break through these doors. Witnesses reported seeing about 12 to 15 masked and gloved individuals storming the store.

The robbers, traveling in four separate cars, took off with expensive watches, gold rings, and diamond necklaces. Some jewelry items fell to the ground as the thieves fled.

Captain Macias stated that the total loss was still being calculated, but Bhindi's website showcases products worth tens of thousands of dollars each.

"Even a small piece could be thousands of dollars so I'd imagine it's upward of a very significant dollar amount," Capt. Macias said, as per the report. "It is absolutely crazy and frustrating that it occurred in the middle of the day but they're also going to wait until the stores are opened and their cases are stocked."

As highlighted in the report, the police stated that the robbers were gone in less than three minutes. Two vehicles linked to the robbery were recovered in nearby Fremont; both had been reported stolen.

Learn more in this report by CBS News.

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