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Pagel and Sons Jewelers: Upholding a 75-Year Legacy of Exceptional Craftsmanship May 16, 2023 (0 comments)


Killeen, TX--Pagel and Sons Jewelers, a local institution, has maintained these valued possessions for the community for over 75 years. Raymond Pagel now owns the business on South W.S. Young Drive, which his father, Floyd Pagel, began with his brother Albert in 1946.

[Image via Killeen Daily Herald]

According to the Killeen Daily Herald, Albert's background as a watchmaker contributed to the flourishing jewelry enterprise. The store relocated across the street a decade later, adopting the name Pagel's Gem Shop. In 1972, after several years in the Army, Ronnie Pagel joined his father in the business. Raymond followed suit a year later.

Beginning as a construction worker, Raymond found his calling in the family trade. Under his father's guidance, Pagel and Sons Jewelers expanded to three locations: the original Killeen store, operational since 1989, a Temple store that opened in 1992, and a Round Rock store that debuted in 1990.

The family's women have contributed significantly to the business, including Raymond's late mother, Jo Ann, and his sisters, Carol and Kim. Raymond credits his father as his primary mentor in the craft, having attended a three-day jewelry school to further his knowledge.

The report states that Pagel and Sons Jewelers is renowned for its comprehensive service, from setting jewels and crafting unique pieces to in-house repairs. The business also outsources to partners for computer-aided design model jewelry. Beyond technical skills, Raymond has inherited his father's robust work ethic and commitment to community service, sponsoring local children's sports teams and other initiatives.

Raymond, a lifelong Killeen resident, manages the Killeen store with his son Tanner and daughter Sydney, alongside full-time manager Cathy Powe and employee Marcy Nordam. Ronnie, now semi-retired, also contributes part-time. Both brothers are certified by the National Association of Jewelry Appraisers and work with private jewelry owners and insurance companies.

Learn more in the report on Killeen Daily Herald.

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