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Philadelphia’s Mills Mall Jewelry Store Hit by Mace-Wielding Robbers August 21, 2023 (0 comments)

Crime scene

Philadelphia, PA--A robbery unfolded on Saturday night at the Philadelphia Mills Mall when "Javier the Jeweler" employees were assaulted with mace by a group of four men.

[Image via Pexels Commons]

According to a news report by NBC, the incident occurred around 7:19 p.m., when these assailants entered the store and targeted the 33-year-old store owner and his staff, impairing them with pepper spray.

Following this, the robbers wasted no time and proceeded to shatter the display cases using sledgehammers, grabbing an undisclosed amount of jewelry in the process.

The severity of the attack prompted an immediate evacuation of the mall.

Amidst the aftermath, the jewelry store announced on its social media platforms that it'd remain closed until Tuesday due to unforeseen circumstances.

The exact value of the stolen items remains unknown as store representatives and law enforcement continue to assess the inventory.

Learn more in the NBC report.


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