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Pianegonda Launches New Advertising Campaign September 23, 2020 (0 comments)


Miami, FL—Pianegonda, a jewelry brand of the Bros Manifatture Group, announces its new advertising campaign, represented by the infinity symbol. The campaign expresses both a challenge between past and present, and feelings of unlimited and boundless love.

As has been Pianegonda’s tradition for some time, face of the brand is a black model (image), to express a cultural message of inclusion and to break down discrimination, stereotypes, and prejudices. In the new campaign, the black model interacts with white statues, in a sort of dialogue about the desire for change. She is a strong, androgynous woman, proud and self-confident, determined to fearlessly defy tradition and achieve her own goals, says the brand.

The latest iternation of the concept is Pianegonda’s Tecum Collection, featuring minimalist chains with an infinity-shaped snap hook. The infinity symbol (a figure eight on its side) allows the wearer to lengthen and personalize the jewelry by mixing silver and gold pieces in a simple but unique way. 

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