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Platinum Jewelry Sales Set for 9th Consecutive Year of Growth, Says PGI USA November 16, 2022 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Manufacturers and retailers are experiencing notably strong sales of platinum jewelry as they enter the final eight weeks of the selling season, according to Platinum Guild International USA. A combination of a favorable metal prices and consumer demand are resulting in double-digit growth for many companies.

According to PGI USA, when asked about the state of their platinum business, many manufacturing executives were quick to share their positive position on the metal.

[A selection of platinum commitment rings from TACORI, Source: PGI]

“Platinum offers two major advantages in the bridal category.  First of all, at today’s metal market, consumers can truly afford the premier precious metal.  Secondly, it allows jewelers to position themselves as providing top quality along with superior service and trust, thereby maximizing the lifetime value of that client.  Closing the gap between consumers’ preferences and consumers’ final purchases is always a big growth opportunity. Across our portfolio of jewelry brands, from ArtCarved engagement rings to Goldman wedding and anniversary bands, we’re posting year over year double-digit growth and anticipate that trend continuing through 2023,” said Jonathan Goldman, CEO, Frederick Goldman, Inc.

“You know why we love platinum? Because it’s the best. Strong, pure, rare and beautiful, that’s why over 50% of our engagement and wedding ring sales are in platinum, almost 5x the rate within the industry. Platinum is a reflection of our commitment to offering the very best to our customers,” sid Paul Tacorian, CEO, TACORI

“Our partnership with Platinum Guild International USA has helped us launch our Memoire Now Platinum band program to the next level. PGI's education, coupled with our best-in-class extruded bands, available for immediate ship has empowered us to launch a program that is stronger, faster, and purer than typical band programs.  We have far outpaced our forecasted growth with platinum sales, all while supporting our retailers with education and marketing to increase their average sale while exceeding consumers expectations,” – said Jacqueline Grande Raffi, VP, Hearts on Fire

Retail executives were equally bullish on platinum, according to PGI USA

“Platinum holds a high status in the fine jewelry industry, notably so at Robbins Brothers, resulting in an increase in overall value for our business throughout the years. We continue to see year-over-year double digit increases in our platinum sales, with strong interest from our guests as this remains a high priority and focus for Robbins Brothers,” said Sue Hopeman, VP of merchandising, Robbins Brothers

“More of our customers than ever are choosing platinum for their engagement and wedding ring purchases. This luxurious and enduring metal, known for its rare and exceptional quality, is an essential part of the unparalleled selection of jewelry choices offered at Helzberg Diamonds,” said Julie Yoakum, president and chief merchandising officer, Helzberg Diamonds.

“Introducing guests to platinum has been an integral part of our success this year. With its added beauty and durability, it has offered a great benefit to them, while providing us with higher average sales and increased margins. We expect platinum to continue to be an important factor in our holiday season. In the short-term platinum sales have increased our average sale and margin percentage. In the long-term, platinum has increased customer satisfaction, and repeat purchases. A platinum engagement ring needs a platinum wedding band. (Or two) When customers are looking for a gift with excellent value, platinum should always be a consideration,” said Leo Gerrior, store manager, South Portland, Day's Jewelers 

This year, PGI USA says it has enacted several industry-focused programs, including annual business grants and strategic partnerships, to support manufacturers, brands, designers, and retailers to continue to prioritize platinum. PGI adds 2023 will see an increase in programming and an opportunity to establish new partnerships with the next class of grant recipients, all working towards a goal of promoting the power of platinum.

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