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Product And Service News: Museum of Diamonds Offers Jewelers Social Content; Chatham’s New Pendants July 11, 2018 (0 comments)


‘Museum Of Diamonds’ Site Offers Jewelers A Low-Cost Social Media Opportunity

Denver, CO—The Museum of Diamonds is a website that tells the story of both famous and not-so-famous diamonds—your own. It also offers a unique cobranding experience for retail jewelers to gain exposure through organic social media posts, without having to come up with content themselves.

The Museum of Diamonds homepage features a section about the world’s famous diamonds, such as the Hope and the Cullinan. Then the site allows couples to “put their own diamond in the museum;” i.e. upload their own stories and photos of their own diamond—be it engagement ring or other meaningful family heirloom—and tell the story that goes with it. (Left, "The Harlech Diamond," featuring a couple that got engaged during a trip to Wales.)

Couples can get a link to the site through their local jeweler, though it’s not required to upload a story. Couples that find the site organically can upload their story without any jeweler connection, but when a story is uploaded through a link from the jeweler, the jeweler’s logo appears on the site’s second page and at the bottom of the story, and clicking on it will send viewers to the jeweler’s webpage.

“It gives a jeweler content to push out on social media, and a way to steer the conversation back to love and romance. The jeweler becomes the curator of record for that story,” says Jacques Voorhees, one of the site’s originators.

Retail jewelers sign up for $49 a month, which gives them the ability to give their link to any consumers they wish. “They can advertise it on the front page of the New York Times if they want,” says Voorhees. More likely, though, they will give it to new engagement ring customers, and possibly to other customers who buy from them now even if that’s not where their engagement ring came from.

Information about becoming a retail curator is available on the site’s Retailer Affiliate Program page.


Chatham Celebrates 80 Years With Launch Of New Anniversary Collection

San Marcos, CA—Chatham marks its 80th anniversary this year. The company, which began with the scientific breakthrough in crystal growth in 1938 by pioneering legend Carroll Chatham, was a pioneer in lab-created gemstones. To honor this milestone, the brand is launching a collection of pendants that celebrate the numbers in one’s life. Created in 14k white and yellow gold and featuring numbers one through nine, the pendants feature a yellow gold number against a white oval backdrop comprised of D-E-F, VVS lab-grown diamonds.

"Everyone has milestones to celebrate, be it a birth, a marriage or just coming of age," says Tom Chatham, Carroll Chatham's son. "This collection is the perfect gift to celebrate and honor those occasions."

The pendant’s design was made so the gold number can appear as a single digit or double with the oval performing as a zero, celebrating anything from a birthday to an anniversary to an achievement like running a 5K to a groom’s gift to his bride to celebrate the first day of a couple’s new life together.

Says Harry Stubbert, current president of Chatham, “Science and technology will have a greater impact in the future of the jewelry industry than ever before. And after 80 years, we continue to see explosive growth in consumer interest.”

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