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Product And Service News: Virtual Diamond Boutique’s B2B Sourcing Platform: Cadar’s Movable Ring July 06, 2016 (0 comments)


Virtual Diamond Boutique Brings Easy Diamond Sourcing With New B2B Digital Platform

New York, NY—Virtual Diamond Boutique (V.db) now brings customization and matching to its digital app for smart phones and tablets. The new easy-to-use app enables retailers to virtually and visually search for and/or match diamonds by price, availability, and all four C’s (carat, color, clarity, cut). The new upgrades to the V.db app offer customized views and saved searches, as well as the ability to showcase diamonds from select wholesale partners, creating efficiency and potential cost savings on both shipping and inventory investment. Retailers can also now find matching diamonds at the click of a button, letting the software sort through the qualifications and certificates of hundreds of diamonds to find a matching pair.

Wholesalers can customize the user experience by retail partner, as well. This state-of-the-art software is available for iPhone, iPad and Android devices and is coming soon for desktop, providing a unique new B2B platform for connecting wholesalers and retailers within the diamond industry.

“We are changing the way the industry sources diamonds,” says CEO and founding partner Tanya Nisguretsky. “The new customization tools are exciting because they give the retailer and the wholesaler the ability to offer select merchandise based on preferred retailer-vendor relationships and/or minimum standards of quality. The software can also match diamonds based on select criteria, a huge savings of both time and labor.”

The digital V.db app provides retailers the opportunity to virtually enhance their inventory with thousands of available diamonds from their preferred partners or the entire V.db network of vendors. Retailers can group merchandise by customer or by diamond characteristic, and find matching diamonds at the click of a button. High-definition photos and videos allow sales associates to pre-sell the diamond(s) before requesting samples, reducing shipping costs, security risks, and offering potential for savings on inventory investment. Data saving, drop and drag selections, sharing and reminder options are also available, granting sales associates the ability to create itemized folders by a wide variety of parameters (cost, carat, cut, color, clarity, depth, polish, symmetry, etc.) or by the customer’s preference.

The app offers sourcing on GIA, AGS, IGI, HRD, and EGL USA certified diamonds, as well as non-certified diamonds. For a minimal fee, retailers can also add their own inventory to the application, making their diamonds easily accessible to other retailers in the marketplace to increase turnover and unit sales.

Visual imagery also makes it easy for new sales associates to learn standard diamond terminology and information.

Wholesalers can list diamonds on the network for a minimal fee and create folders or saved search criteria by buyer preference. Wholesalers now have a specific view to enable efficiency and allow greater customization by retail partner, as well as honoring exclusive distribution agreements. Each diamond listed on the V.db app has its relevant diamond grading reports uploaded within the app, and its availability is updated instantly via the vendor’s inventory software systems.

Unlike other diamond search applications, the Virtual Diamond Boutique is free for retailers and creates visual imagery for unbranded merchandise. The visual and mobile nature of the V.db tool offers retailers and wholesalers the flexibility to sell 24/7 from their mobile devices. Retailers can also connect their smart devices to airplay on AppleTV or GoogleTV to feature high-resolution video and still imagery on large screen monitors in-store at point-of- sale.

“There are lots of choices out there for electronic diamond searching, but the Virtual Diamond BoutiqueTM is the most user-friendly and efficient option because it is quick, easy and visual,” says Ron Zulli of Benari Jewelers in Exton, PA. “The high res imagery and videos on-screen become much more measurable. It helps us qualify the customer to a much greater degree, which then creates cost savings on shipping unnecessary inventory.”

The app is currently available on the App Store for iPhone and iPad or the Google Play store for Android. Soon, the software will also be available in a desktop version for buyers to use in their offices. Training tools, imagery and text are also available on the Virtual Diamond Boutique website.


Cadar’s Endless Cocktail Ring

New York, NY--The Cadar collection by designer Michal Kadar has an ethos based on purity of form. Symbols for light, water, and life appear throughout the collection, as each piece is conceived with a reverence for these elements. The designs also reference Art Deco, Art Nouveau, spiritual geometry, and Japanese artistic motifs. The result is a collection that embodies both essential form and movement.

This “Endless” cocktail ring in 18k gold and diamonds (top of page) features movement so that each wave of the hand presents a different view of the ring.

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