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Product News: Colorful Gems For Spring From Oscar Heyman And Omi Privé; More March 22, 2017 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY—Get a jump on the greens and blues that signal spring and summer with these two new pieces from Oscar Heyman and Omi Privé.

Omi Privé’s 18k gold earrings (left) feature 2.20 ctw of cushion-cut blue green tourmalines surrounded by Brazilian alexandrites and accented with diamonds. Suggested retail, $7,200.

A platinum cats’ eye moonstone is surrounded by sapphire in this new platinum ring (below) from Oscar Heyman. The moonstone is 14.47 cts; the sapphire halo has 18 pear shape sapphires, 3.95 ctw. Suggested retail, $30,000.


Legor Group USA launches FOV Casters Blend and Premium Blend Investment Powders

Albuquerque, NM—Legor Group USA has teamed up with Whip Mix to manufacture an American-made, high-quality casting investment powder for the jewelry manufacturing market. It will sell under the brand names FOV Investment: Caster’s Blend and FOV Investment: Premium Blend.

Precise pattern duplication can be achieved from the highly smooth surfaces the investment creates. Extended working time beyond traditional 9-10 minutes, upwards of 13 minutes, allows for precision in preparation and no more worries about high shear/high speed mixers reducing working time. A wide tolerance range of water-to-powder mixing ratios is easy to use; highly repeatable results save production time and money.

Works with the majority of gold and silver casting needs. Caster’s Blend also works for brass and bronze; Premium Blend is specially formulated for higher-temperature alloy requirements such as palladium white gold.

Available in 44-lb. box or 10.5-lb. bags. Call Rusty Heath, (844) 428-8335 or email

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