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Product News: In-Dishwasher Jewelry Cleaning System Removes Bacteria August 26, 2020 (0 comments)


Manchester, NH—Bright Innovations Inc., creator of the GemSpa, has partnered with jewelry brand kathy ireland® Worldwide. Bright Innovations’ at-home fine jewelry cleaning and sanitizing system, branded GemSpa by kathy ireland, is a good add-on sale for jewelers and works in the consumer’s dishwasher, says GemSpa’s inventor, David Bellman, G.G., president of Bellman Jewelers Inc., an independent jeweler.

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the importance of hand-washing to the forefront of consumer consciousness, Bellman maintains that most consumers had no idea how much bacteria lurks in their jewelry. “The average ring or bracelet carries more than three to five times the bacteria found on a public restroom toilet seat,” he says, pointing out that while hand washing is an important hygiene practice, it doesn’t necessarily reach into all the nooks and crannies of a piece of jewelry.

“The GemSpa by kathy ireland removes 99.9% of the bacteria residing on it,” says Bellman. 

Over 90% of all fine gold, silver, diamond, and gemstone jewelry can be safely cleaned in the GemSpa. The device’s patented surgical-grade stainless steel mesh design defuses the water and steam of the dishwasher into a fine spray that gently and safely cleans fine jewelry. The device’s locking mechanism secures the complete front cover of the device, which includes a jewelry bar that holds up to three stud/hoop earrings, and a large jewelry bay to place necklaces, bracelets and pendants that remain in place during the cleaning cycle. 

The GemSpa by kathy ireland® retails for $69.95. Bellman will offer Centurion retailers 25% off the first wholesale order. For information, contact David Bellman, Bellman Jewelers Inc., (603) 625-4653 or visit

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