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Product News: Rina Limor’s New Essentials Gold; Scott West’s “Magnificent 8” Color Diamond Bracelet May 18, 2016 (0 comments)


Rina Limor’s ‘New Essentials’ Gold Collection Offers Comfortable Luxury

New York, NY—As the legendary Coco Chanel once said, “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury. ” Jewelry designer Rina Limor was inspired by this sentiment to create her New Essentials gold collection, which highlights contemporary classic style and versatility.
The collection includes link necklaces that can be layered with baroque pearls for a modern look; stretch gold bracelets and rings (shown left) in solid and link styles that can be worn alone or stacked; earrings with link drops or lightweight on-the-ear designs that are comfortable for all day wear, or fashionable abstract styles. Some styles are accentuated with diamonds and all are available in 18K yellow, white or rose gold.

To add to the comfort, select ring and bracelet styles are not only flexible, but also stretchable—eliminating bothersome clasps and worries about proper fit. “I describe it as luxury meets comfort,” says the designer.

The New Essentials gold collection is made in Italy. Rina Limor provides independent retail jewelers with high-resolution images for print and digital campaigns, customer support for marketing programs, social media campaigns, and in-store trunk shows.

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Necklace and earrings from Rina Limor's "New Essentials" gold collection.


Scott West Announces the “Magnificent Eight” Fancy Color Flower Bracelet

New York, NY—Scott West unveils a rare fancy color diamond flower bracelet called “The Magnificent Eight.” The flower bracelet features 41.93 carats of diamonds, with a special focus on eight carats of rare natural fancy color pink and blue diamonds.

“In the world of luxury products, natural color diamonds bear comparison to works of art, hidden treasures, and rare books. They speak the language of exclusivity, desirability, and collectability,” says West.

Among the bracelet’s seven pink diamonds four are Vivid, the strongest GIA classification of pink. Of those seven, two are Fancy Vivid Purplish Pinks, two are Fancy Vivid Pinks, one Fancy Vivid Purple Pink, one Fancy Intense Pink and one Fancy Intense Purple Pink at a total weight of 7.11cts. The single rare blue diamond is a 0.63-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond. In addition, there are 64 D-F color /VVS1-VS2 clarity pear shape diamonds and eight GIA-certified round Fancy Vivid Purple and Purplish Pinks, of total weight 0.87cts with 171 pink diamond melee, total weight of 0.60 carats. The bracelet’s total diamond weight is 41.33 carats.

Five of the seven natural pink diamonds come from the Argyle mine with an Argyle certificate to verify its authenticity. The Argyle mine produces over 90% of the world’s pink diamonds and Argyle pinks are so rare that an entire year’s supply can fit in the palm of one’s hand. Of those, fewer than 10% weigh more than 0.20 ct. The single rare blue diamond is a 0.63-carat Fancy Vivid Blue diamond from South Africa. The collection of diamonds in The Magnificent Eight Bracelet took more than five years to gather, and the bracelet itself took more than four months to design and manufacture. It will be on display at the LJ West Diamonds booth LUX1337 in JCK Luxury.

Specifications of the Magnificent Eight stones are:

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