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Pyrrha Takes Legal Action to Defend Trademark Against Mejuri October 31, 2023 (0 comments)


Vancouver, British Columbia--Pyrrha Design Inc. has initiated legal proceedings against Mejuri Inc., a fellow jewelry firm based in Toronto. The action, filed on October 25, 2023, aims to halt Mejuri's usage of the PYRA mark, which Pyrrha contends infringes upon its established PYRRHA trademark.

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As per a report in The Joplin Globe, Pyrrha asserts the necessity of safeguarding the brand equity and recognition it has earnestly built.

The claim points to potential consumer confusion stemming from Mejuri's newly launched PYRA jewelry line, which Pyrrha believes could be mistaken for its products, thereby diluting the strength of the PYRRHA brand.

"At Pyrrha, our brand is central to who we are. Our handcrafted jewelry is synonymous with the name 'Pyrrha' and we have to take steps to protect our reputation and our business," said Pyrrha co-founder and designer Wade Papin, per the report.

The case is before the Federal Court of Canada, Vancouver, with Pyrrha's interests represented by the law firm Gowling WLG (Canada) LLP.

Link to the report on The Joplin Globe here

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