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Quick Social Media Strategies For The Super-Busy |  September 28, 2016 (0 comments)


Merrick, NY--It’s possible to do social media in just minutes a day. Yes, really. If you’re avoiding doing social media because you think it will take too much time, rest easy – it’s doesn’t have to be as time consuming as you think.

Here are a few simple tips and tricks to keep your social media presence in check, time-wise. Whether you’re doing-it-yourself posting or having someone do it for you, it can be a mostly painless process.

1. Think images, not text. Many of us get hung-up on the perfect quote/paragraph to go with a post. Given that you sell beautiful jewelry, frankly, your text is will generally be more background information. However, a good photo IS important. So concentrate on that. If you have images from a vendor, usually they are better than what you might take in your store. Use them. Add a few words (or hashtags) and you’re good to go.

2. Have some consistency in your photos. Many vendor photos come with a white background. If you want to snap a quick photo of an item in your store, lay it (on or off a display) on top of a white sheet of paper and snap it up close. BE SURE IT’S IN FOCUS. If it’s blurry, no one will even stop to see what it might be. Or, if you do all your photos for social media in-store, choose a background and go from there. Maybe you only do shots of jewelry modeled on your various staffers or customers (with their permission). Or maybe you have a black background (or whatever color) that you like. You don’t have to do the same thing 100% of the time, but shoot for 80% to that people will start to recognize your style as they scroll down.

3. Multitask. If you’re trying to cover more than one platform, see how you can link them together. Have your Instagram account feed into your Facebook account. One post hits both spots. Easy-peasy. Or feed your Facebook account into Twitter so that one post gets to both places. You get the idea. If you are using more than one platform, explore how you can channel them. (It may take you more than a few minutes to set this up, but once it’s in place, you are done!)

4. Don’t just post your own inventory and expect it to sell. Use the 60/30/10 rule. 

So as you can see, once you’ve got a plan in place, you can quickly do posts each day. Here’s a story of one jeweler who made this work. And, if you want to really make it quick, set the timer on your phone and do what you can in five minutes a day for posting. Your social media presence will be better for it.

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