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Rahaminov Diamonds Reveals New Additions to Their Jewelry of the Week Collection November 02, 2023 (0 comments)


Los Angeles, CA--Rahaminov Diamonds has unveiled its latest Jewelry of the Week collection, showcasing pink tourmaline and diamond-adorned pieces set in 18K yellow gold.


The newly released items include the CS-1751 and CS-1742 sets, emphasizing pink oval cut tourmaline cabochons offset by round cut counterparts. The CS-1742 necklace, in particular, boasts an opulent 89.51 carat weight in tourmalines, positioned as a standout offering this week.

Diamond enthusiasts can look forward to the EAR-5713 and EAR-5722 earrings, highlighting 2.88 and 2.12 carats of round and marquise cut diamonds respectively, each set in classic 18K yellow gold.

Adding to the collection are the BR-2584 bracelet and NK-8377 necklace, both featuring oval cut diamonds exceeding 8 carats, indicative of Rahaminov's commitment to luxury and detail.


Special mentions in the release include the FC-2640, featuring a 4.02 ct fancy light yellow radiant cut diamond, and the FC-2617, which presents a 13.83 ct fancy intense yellow Asscher cut diamond, both certified by GIA and crafted with a mix of platinum and 18K yellow gold.

[All images via Rahaminov Diamonds]

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