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Rhapsody in Blue: The Art and Science of Blue Diamonds Featuring John M. King April 08, 2022 (0 comments)

John M. King

London, United Kingdom--The World Diamond Museum screened its third webinar series featuring a presentation by diamond expert and artist John M. King.

The webinar, titled "Rhapsody in Blue: The art and science of blue diamonds," is a part of the World Diamond Museum's 'Facets Of Mankind' mission, which looks to expand knowledge about the world of diamonds, gems, and jewelry.

The webinar focused on the art and science of blue diamonds — a subject Mr. King has written and researched extensively about. 

"Blue diamonds have always had a very special place for me," Mr. King says in the webinar before detailing the history of the diamond, its significance, and the science behind it.

Further in his presentation, Mr. King mentioned a few auctions where the diamonds were sold for "exceptional prices." 

Mr. King, a painter, spoke about the internal light in a diamond and how its formation was critical to his work as an artist. 

Further adding to the deeper significance of blue diamonds, Mr. King said, "[T]hese diamonds have[…]deep, complex analogies with fine art, and they're giving us very unique experiences and an awareness of our world and emotions.

"[I] think when you're able to marry some of the structured more scientific observations with the observations and feelings that are generated from looking at them from a context of fine art, we really kind of raise this to a level of poetry." 

"[I]'ve always felt these should be shown in art museums," he added.

Watch the complete webinar below.

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