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Rolex Lost to Cow Found 50 Years Later on England Farm June 21, 2024 (0 comments)


Shropshire, U.K.--A Rolex watch, believed to have been swallowed by a cow, has been recovered 50 years later on a farm in Shropshire.

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According to a BBC report, James Steele, 95, lost the watch in the early 1970s when its bracelet broke.

"The cow could have eaten it with a mouthful of grass," Steele recalled, as per the report. A metal detectorist discovered the timepiece on Steele's land at Treflach Hall in Morda, Oswestry. Steele expressed his astonishment at the find, describing it as a "stroke of luck."

"I was quite pleased because I never thought I would see the watch again," he said. "I have the watch but it is not going. The face has gone greenish but it has not rusted up."

Steele commended the metal detectorist for returning the watch, noting that other valuables might still be hidden on his land. He added in the report that it would "cost a bomb" to do anything with the watch now and that it would remain a keepsake.

Read the BBC report here for more information and images.

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