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Ross Simons Shares a Guide to Chain Jewelry Styles February 29, 2024 (0 comments)

Ross Simons Chains overview post

Warwick, R.I.--Ross Simons recently published a detailed overview of chain jewelry, from its origins as a practical tool to its current status as a fashion accessory. The guide on their blog covers the transition from handmade to machine-manufactured links and various jewelry forms, including necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

[Image via Ross Simons]

The overview categorizes chain styles into classic, textural, and sleek designs. Classic styles such as the cable, curb, rolo, Figaro, and marine chains are noted for their distinct link patterns and historical inspirations.

Textural chains like popcorn, rope, Byzantine, wheat, bead, and crisscross chains are highlighted for their unique textures and appearances. Sleek designs, including the omega, box, snake, herringbone, and Singapore chains, are recognized for their smooth, refined looks.

Ross Simons' collection features a wide selection of chain jewelry in various styles, sizes, and materials, accommodating different tastes and budgets. The collection includes gold, vermeil, and sterling silver chains and adjustable slider chains for customizable lengths. It also offers a range of link jewelry, from traditional Italian designs to modern fashion pieces, emphasizing the design significance of individual links.

Check out more in their guide here.

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