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The Round Brilliant Diamond Cut, as Explained by Barry Peterson Jewelers February 10, 2023 (0 comments)


Ketchum, ID--Barry Peterson Jewelers published a post on their Facebook page explaining one of the most essential details about brilliant round diamonds.

[Image via Barry Peterson Jewelers/Facebook]

The brilliant round cut is considered the most expensive diamond cut due to the high amount of rough stone wasted during the cutting process. The post noted that, on average, 60% of the rough stone is discarded during the cutting process, which is why brilliant round diamonds are priced higher than other popular cuts on the market.

Despite the high cost, brilliant cut diamonds are highly sought after due to their captivating fire and brilliance. They are known for out-sparkling all other popular diamond shapes, and their versatility makes them a popular choice for engagement rings. Round brilliant cut diamonds pair nicely with nearly every engagement ring setting, making them lovely stones.

Barry Peterson Jewelers offers a wide range of round brilliant diamond jewelry pieces designed in-house. They invite their customers to visit their showroom in Ketchum, Idaho, to see their beautiful designs.

Link to the Facebook post.

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