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Sarine, Tracr and GCAL to Host Webinar on G7 Sanctions on March 20 March 18, 2024 (0 comments)


New York, NY--David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, and Wesley Tucker, CEO of Tracr, will lead a free live webinar moderated by Angelo Palmieri, president of GCAL by Sarine, discussing G7 sanctions and their implications for the diamond industry on March 20 at noon (EDT).

In the webinar titled, “G7 Sanctions: What Retailers Need to Know: Diamond Traceability Insights with Sarine and Tracr,” they will discuss how to achieve regulatory compliance, enhance consumer trust, and navigate market dynamics amid the evolving landscape shaped by G7 sanctions.

Tucker and Block will shed light on how retailers can leverage integrated solutions provided by Tracr™ and Sarine to minimize supply chain disruptions and ensure cost-effective operations.

“In an evolving landscape shaped by the latest G7 regulations, the diamond industry stands at a pivotal juncture," Palmieri said. "Our upcoming webinar … promises to be an invaluable resource for retail jewelers seeking to learn, prepare and adapt their businesses to the new regulatory environment.” 

The registration link and further details are below:

GCAL says that attendees will gain actionable insights and strategies to maintain a competitive edge in the market.

“I am delighted by the growing collaboration between Tracr and Sarine Technologies,” said Al Cook, CEO of De Beers Group. “We are committed to accelerating the development of our traceability systems to ensure that our customers have enhanced confidence in the provenance of the diamonds they purchase.”

David Block, CEO of Sarine Technologies, added, “We are thrilled by the growing collaboration with Tracr that will accelerate the ability to track diamonds on a large scale with the highest level of reliability, while minimizing trade disruptions. This aligns with the G7's long-term goals of fostering a diversified supply chain.”

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