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SCORE Mentorship Pivotal in Sarah Cornwell Jewelry’s Leap from Online to Retail Success January 09, 2024 (0 comments)


Doylestown, PA--Sarah Cornwell has successfully transitioned her 20-year-old jewelry business from an online platform to a retail store in the heart of Doylestown, thanks to the guidance of SCORE mentors.

[Image via Sarah Cornwell Jewelry/Facebook]

Per a report in Bucks County Herald, the journey of Sarah Cornwell Jewelry, initially a part-time hobby for Cornwell, a former social worker, took a significant turn when she realized the potential financial pitfalls her business was facing. Despite the success her online store experienced, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cornwell's husband, armed with an MBA, alerted her to the impending financial difficulties. This wake-up call led Cornwell to seek assistance from SCORE Bucks County which offers mentoring to small business owners.

At SCORE, Cornwell found more than just advice; she found a lifeline in the form of mentor Al Casadei. Casadei and a team of specialized mentors, including Charlie Morris, Joe Lutes, and Nina De Rosa provided a support system. They dissected the financial aspects of her business, critically analyzed her digital advertising strategies, and offered insights into effective cash flow management and employee relations. Cornwell affectionately describes Casadei in the report as their "protective financial grandfather," a testament to his and his team's impact in reshaping her business's trajectory.

Since engaging with SCORE in the spring of 2022, Sarah Cornwell Jewelry has witnessed a remarkable turnaround. The store sold over 6,000 pieces last year, and Cornwell anticipates these numbers will double with the foot traffic the physical store attracts. The shift to a brick-and-mortar store, guided by SCORE's mentorship, has stabilized the financials and infused new creative energy into the business.

SCORE's role in this transition is an example of how mentorship can be a game-changer for small businesses; their work extending beyond conventional business advice, including emotional support and practical strategies tailored to individual business needs.

Learn more in the report in Bucks County Herald.

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