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Serafino Consoli Adding Color to Its Successful Ring-to-Bracelet Collection April 29, 2022 (0 comments)

Serafino Consoli Colored Store Rings to Bracelets

Bergamo, Italy—Serafino Consoli has introduced colored gemstones to its successful ring-to-bracelet concept.

Stones to be added include ruby, tsavorite and sapphire in multiple colors including blue, baby blue, baby pink, green and yellow. The new additions will be included in items shipping for Christmas 2022. According to the company, exhibiting at Couture, Salon 638, "Any color, any stone can also be added on a custom basis.”

The following is a release from the company providing extensive background on its evolution:

Serafino Consoli: An Italian Story

Imagine being able to modify a piece of fine jewelry to suit your needs and moods: your ring becomes your bracelet, your third finger band moves to your index or ring finger, your elegant day-time earrings become your dramatic evening statement… and you can surprise your loved one without worrying about size.Serafino Consoli creations command attention: their bold elegance instantly draws you in.




Images from the Brevetto Collection of Rings, Earrings, Pendants and Bracelets above.

But beauty is only the starting point, not the end point, of these designs, which blend innovative technology with the finest gold, diamonds and gemstones to tell a new story in the world of fine jewelry.

These pieces transform seamlessly from one shape and size to another, through an exceptional marriage of imagination and complex craftmanship.

Images Above Depict the Company's Successful Ring-to-Bracelet Concept

From the impressive avant-garde headquarters, located in the Franciacorta region of Italy, a stone throw from the old city of Bergamo, Ivan Consoli's mission was clear: “To embody the core principles of life - motion, malleability and change- into a single piece of fine jewelry”.

Serafino Consoli Factory near Bergamo, Italy.

10 Years of R&D

It took 10 years of research and development to perfect the technology at the heart of the “Brevetto” and “Serafino” collections, with relentless commitment to innovation and quality by the Consoli Family and the Serafino Team.

The result is fine jewelry pieces that not only transform to suit needs and likes, but are conceived to be handed down, with love and reverence, from generation to generation. Serafino Consoli eternity bands are made to last and can be warn by different family members irrespective of finger size. In an instant, small becomes large and large becomes small. Lives end, but these rings live forever, connecting past, present and future. A legacy is born.

Pictured above is the Brevetto collection (multisize eternity bands, earrings and pendants) and the Serafino Collection (eternity bands that transform into bracelets). Both collections are world patented, with the Brevetto collection receiving a world-wide invention patent.

The Serafino Consoli brand is sold in the best and most respected retailers worldwide, and growing every day.

As with any successful groundbreaking invention, Serafino Consoli is seeing an increase in attempts by other manufacturers to replicate these pieces.

When asked about this issue, Ivan Consoli, the visionary behind the concept, states: “In a way we are flattered, because it means we are doing something right. The fact remains that it is impossible to replicate the look, quality and durability of our pieces, which, thanks to our proprietary technology, are crafted to endure considerable wear and tear and last through time. Furthermore, all our retail partners and their customers are discerning fine jewelry connoisseurs, and understand how to choose accordingly. “We are proud to continue on our path of innovation without ever compromising”.

For information on where to find Serafino Consoli creations, please refer to For further information on the brand in the USA please contact Erika Bertin, Director Americas,

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