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Sew Sketchy Sees Jewelry From A Fashion’s Eye View |  April 27, 2016 (0 comments)


New York, NY—Sew Sketchy is a twenty-something fashionista born into the Gumuchian family, with a swift pen and a strong opinion about the role of fine jewelry in a woman’s life. The Centurion recently caught up with her for an exclusive interview about jewelry, women, fashion, and getting dressed every day.

The Centurion: Tell us about all about you? 

Sew Sketchy: I'm a New York fashionista with a really sassy attitude and I blame my mother for my exquisite taste in luxury.  

Centurion: What inspires you as you travel the world looking at fashion and jewelry? 

Sew Sketchy: I'm a people-watcher. I watch everyone who passes by me, no matter where I am in the world. It's very important to always keep your eyes open.  

Centurion: From your background in fashion, what do you think women want in fine jewelry? 

Sew Sketchy: Everyday wearability and a statement piece for the evening. Diamonds are appropriate for every hour of the day. Trust me, more than half of those women in my spin class are decked to the nines in their diamonds while wearing their Lululemons.  

Centurion: How does your background in a jewelry family inspire you? 

Sew Sketchy: I was born into a world of glamour. When I look back and think about my childhood, my best memories are watching my mother get ready for a night out and of course, observing how she would add her finishing touches by putting on her fabulous jewelry. The sound of her fingers searching through her gigantic jewelry box, of things clinking together, was just a noise I could listen to on repeat. I find beauty, glamour and sophistication to be the most inspiring thing, which is what the jewelry industry really embodies. Seeing the women in my family always dressed up, decked out, hair done, makeup on, has totally influenced my style and how I put myself together. They are definitely the most polished women on the planet.  

Centurion: How do you think younger women who grew up on fast fashion from Zara and H&M relate to fine jewelry that lasts forever? Isn’t that a disconnect?

Sew Sketchy: No, I don't think that fast fashion is a problem at all for the jewelry industry. In fact, I feel as though it gives the jewelry industry a leg up in many ways. The jewelry industry is here to stay. Zara and H&M are here for us to change. And by change, I mean a style change. Fine jewelry is timeless, fashion is marking a part of time. There's a difference.

For one, I truly believe that the fashion industry has a faster pulse than the jewelry world, which is a good thing. Clothes are what transform us into different people. Style is what shows off our personality. Jewelry is what ultimately gives you not only status, but a real story. There is no real story behind going into H&M or Zara; that's not interesting, that's boring in fact! Talk to me about the diamond ring on your finger or the precious stones you have on your ears. Those are conversational pieces. Jewelry on women says “I'm loved.” Clothes on women say “I'm dressed.” Cool or not cool, style or no style, jewelry is something that can always go with something. No one really wants "fast fashion jewelry." Just because the fashion industry has a Speedy Gonzalez pace doesn’t mean the jewelry world should follow. Staying true to timeless, classic, sophisticated elegance is what makes the jewelry world that much more luxurious and prestigious. That's why not that many people own diamonds, because it's the most luxurious thing you could own. Even a Prada bag is cheaper than most studs, or engagement rings.

Today’s world of fashionistas is a world of the aspirational woman. We live in a time where everyone wants more and more, and whether that means a girl wanting to be on trend, every trend there is, she goes to H&M. But if you were to ask her what she would rather have, a faux-leather jacket or a pair of diamond studs, I will bet my life on the answer being the diamonds, duh! 

Centurion: Tell us about your jewelry travels? Where can someone meet you?

Sew Sketchy: Well, I’ve been to Centurion! And to Couture twice, too. Both were at the Gumuchian salon. I’ve been to Tiny Jewel Box in Washington, DC, and to another jewelry company, Rox by Two, in New York City.

Sew Sketchy designed the cover of Tiny Jewel Box's holiday catalog, above. Below, her designs for Rox By Two.

Centurion: What’s your favorite thing about the jewelry industry?

Sew Sketchy: My family and their unbreakable reputation they have made for themselves. 

Jewelry is as essential as apparel, says Sew Sketchy, here with a Gumuchian bag and jewels.

Centurion: What jewelry do you especially like?

Sew Sketchy: Rose gold and diamonds to me are like martinis to James Bond. 

Sew Sketchy for Dolce & Gabbana, left, and Valentino Draw-A-Dot, right.

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