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SFLMaven Launches Jewelry Store In a Major Initiative into the Metaverse June 01, 2022 (0 comments)

SFLMAVEN Jewerly DCL Video

Fort Lauderdale, FL--SFLMaven Corp., a provider of high-end luxury goods, announced in a press release the grand opening of their metaverse store in Decentraland. While the current store offers sales directly linked to the SFLMaven highly successful jewelry eBay store, the metaverse store is being developed to become the premier place for finding metaverse jewelry. 

[Image source: SFLMaven Corp.]

Here are some key points of its significance:

A tour of the store in its early opening can be seen in this video.

Joseph Ladin, SFLMaven Chief Executive Officer, said in the press release, "We have shown our ability to be a market leader in the online jewelry business.  Now, with our original metaverse store in Decentraland, we can use sales and marketing experience to grow a loyal customer base in the metaverse. We are working with a team of marketing and Web3 developers to innovate and stay ahead on the metaverse market to be a name recognized with Metaverse jewelry of the future."

Read more in the entire press release.


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