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Shocking Daylight Heist at Upscale San Ramon Shopping Center Rattles Community March 21, 2023 (0 comments)

San Ramon robbery

San Ramon, CA--The City Center Bishop Ranch shopping center in San Ramon was the scene of a daring daylight armed robbery on Friday, leaving local shoppers and businesses shocked.

[Image via CBS]

According to a news report, the incident occurred around 2:30 p.m. at Heller Jewelers, a family-owned store selling high-end jewelry and Rolex watches. Multiple cellphone videos and store security cameras captured the crime unfolding.

The footage revealed armed robbers confronting a store security guard while their accomplices smashed display cases and made off with valuable items.

Luca Zanet, general manager at Delarosa, a restaurant opposite the jewelry store, witnessed the robbery, which took place amid hundreds of shoppers. "It looked unreal for a moment," Zanet said in the news report. "You had to do a double take."

The report noted that the shopping center was particularly busy that day, filled with families and children celebrating St. Patrick's Day and enjoying a day off from school. Witnesses reported seeing seven robbers, some armed with guns.

Although no injuries were reported, the incident has left many questioning their safety in the affluent neighborhood. "I feel really bad and I feel really sorry. San Ramon is a really safe city," Shan Gao, a local mother who was shopping with her family the following day, added in the report.

Zanet suggested the criminals had likely planned the heist carefully. "They must have scoped it and checked it out," Zanet stated. "They knew exactly where they were going. They went in and they went out in two or three minutes." Zanet also mentioned that the Nike store and Sunglass Hut in the shopping center had been targeted multiple times this year.

San Ramon police have not provided additional information about the robbery or announced any arrests in connection with the crime.

Link to the news report.

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