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Shreve & Co. Talks About the Symbolism Behind Meghan Markle’s Jewelry Choices June 04, 2024 (0 comments)


Palo Alto, CA--After the release of the controversial Netflix docuseries "Harry & Meghan," the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have been under intense public scrutiny. Every detail, from their actions to their attire, is analyzed, including Meghan Markle's jewelry, which often carries significant symbolic meaning.

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An article by Shreve & Co. highlights one notable piece — Meghan's Sophie Lis love pendant, inspired by a 1907 design by Alphonse Augis. The pendant draws from Rosemonde Gerard's poem, "The Eternal Song," with a line that translates to, "You see, every day I love you more today, more than yesterday and much less than tomorrow."

Augis transformed this sentiment into a symbolic design: a diamond plus sign with "Qu'heir" ("than today") beneath it, followed by a ruby minus sign with "que demain" ("than tomorrow") below. The article adds that Sophie Lis's modern version of 22-carat gold vermeil and diamonds benefits the Wild at Heart charity, aligning with Meghan's commitment to philanthropy and her enduring love for Harry.

In recent appearances, Meghan has been seen wearing a tennis bracelet by her friend, designer Jennifer Meyer. This bracelet, distinct from Princess Diana's Cartier diamond tennis bracelet Meghan wore in 2018 and 2021, is hand-spun in 18k gold and features small beads in a bezel setting. Per the article, this choice reflects Meghan's blend of respecting tradition while embracing contemporary styles, signifying her balance of past and present.

The article also notes Meghan's Cartier LOVE bracelet, designed by Aldo Cipullo in 1969, is a renowned symbol of eternal affection. The bracelet's unique design involves two rigid arcs forming an oval shape, secured with a gold screwdriver. Meghan's bracelet, which she wore even before her marriage to Prince Harry, symbolizes their unbreakable bond, a message highlighted by Harry wearing a matching piece.

Throughout the docuseries, Harry's efforts to shield Meghan from media scrutiny echo the tragic fate of his mother, Princess Diana. Fittingly, Meghan wears Princess Diana's Cartier Tank Française watch, a gift from Harry. Designed by Louis Cartier in 1917 and debuting into the Tank family in 1996, the watch's integrated metal bracelet and versatility made it a favorite.

Meghan's gold watch version signifies a connection to Diana, while her two-tone version, acquired in 2012, symbolizes her independent journey. The article adds that she plans to pass her version on to her daughter, adding to the deep personal and familial connections her jewelry represents.

Learn more in the article on Shreve & Co.'s blog.

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