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Siegel Jewelers Welcomes Spring with Floral-Inspired Jewelry Collection February 28, 2024 (0 comments)


Grand Rapids, MI--In the spirit of renewal, Siegel Jewelers has unveiled a collection that captures the essence of the spring season.

The series includes a Black Hills Gold pendant and ring set for $150 and $225, respectively, featuring the distinctive tri-color gold leaves.

Also featured are Tri-tone Floral Earrings at $295, which blend gold, silver, and copper, and an Engraved Floral Locket priced at $450, offering a classic design for contemporary wearers.

The showcase piece is a Floral Enamel Bracelet for $1,700, distinguished by its intricate gold floral patterns set against enamel.

Maintaining the ethos set by founder Joseph Siegel, a watchmaker who serviced railroad passengers, the company remains committed to exceptional customer service. Siegel Jewelers' new collection, grounded in historical craftsmanship, is now available as they continue to serve the West Michigan community.

Check out more in this Facebook post.

[Images via Siegel Jewelers/Facebook]

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