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Signet’s Jared Division To Focus On Expanding Custom Design March 10, 2021 (0 comments)


Akron, OH—Signet Jewelers’ Jared division is elbowing its way into an area that has always been one of independent jewelers' top competitive advantages: custom design. The retailer--the most upscale brand in the Signet stable--is unveiling a series of initiatives to make the custom-design process more accessible, convenient, and experiential for more people, in the process setting itself up to compete on independents' turf.

At the core of this initiative is the launch of The Jared Foundry, a bespoke store-in-store experience that incorporates expert artisans and the use of technology, including CAD software and 3D printers. The program is being rolled out in 19 select stores in nine states: California, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

Jared employs a team of 1,400 artisans and apprentices nationwide and has access to a global supply of responsibly sourced stones and metals, according to a company statement. Customers can watch an artisan resize a ring, set a diamond into a ring, sketch a necklace, present a wax mold for a customer's final approval, discuss the manufacturing process, or provide guidance on ways to meet a budget. It combines education with exciting inspiration, allowing for as much or as little guidance as the customer desires. 

"People love personalizing seemingly everything these days, and we believe now is the time to let them experience the exhilarating world of fine jewelry design," said Bill Brace, executive vice president and Jared executive general manager. "Many people are thrilled to learn that Jared's trusted artisans can help bring customers' unique visions to life – with as much or as little guidance from our trusted artisans as they wish, and on their own terms and budget. And we're equally thrilled by what we empower them to create, from extravagant expressions of love with rare-cut diamonds to deeply personal re-imaginations of family heirlooms."

The Jared Foundry homepage.

Typically, customers will start the custom creation process when they speak with one of Jared's jewelry consultants, either in-store or virtually. For customers who want to design something from scratch, their next step often involves connecting with a Jared artisan—who might be visibly working in a Jared Foundry nearby or any Jared location across the country. They’ll discuss styles, budgets, and so forth, and the Jared artisan will provide sketches, images, and videos to show potential permutations in real time. 

Jared's artisans include both art and design graduates, many with a Master of Fine Arts degree, and those who grew up in the jewelry industry and learned their craft from multiple generations of their families or from years of apprenticeship experience. For more information, visit

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