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Situation Wanted for Experienced Team Player, Jewelry Wholesale or Retail, NY-NJ Metro Area September 10, 2020 (0 comments)

Edison, NJ--

I am currently looking for opportunities in wholesale or retail jewelry companies. My work experience over 30 years in the jewelry industry is as follows:

·       I have extensive experience in the Jewelry field with knowledge in merchandising, production, manufacturing, and marketing.

·       I can perform duties as a salesperson and as buyer 

·       I can do the buying for precious and semiprecious stones and precious metal.

·       I can perform the duties of a general manager 

·       At my present and past employer, I have managed various aspects of the business including: buying, selling, accounts receivable and payable, logistics, shipping and handling, and insurance in line with customs formalities.

·       I have extensive knowledge of the logistics behind international and domestic merchandise, including procedures for all the Jewelry trade shows.

·        Throughout my career I have managed the trade show logistics and been the face at our showcase, speaking with industry professionals face-to-face

·       I am able to save money, save time, increase sales, and increase      productivity with Sales and marketing

I have been in the Jewelry industry over 30 years and have traveled internationally for raw material buying. I have extensive knowledge and experience in the process from raw materials to the finished product (from mining to the retail store). 

I believe that with my depth of knowledge and amount of experience, I can be a benefit to the company I work for. The company can utilize me with great, unique and innovative ideas also. 

I am interested to work with wholesalers, manufacturers or retailers in the greater New York City metro area as well as major manufacturers in New Jersey, namely Fort Lee and Secaucus.

Resume available upon request. Please email

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