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Smiling Rocks Builds Digital Libraries at JCK Las Vegas June 12, 2024 (0 comments)


Las Vegas, NV--Every year, Smiling Rocks has a charity initiative. This year, the lab grown diamond jewelry brand is building digital libraries in low-income rural communities and it used its uniquely designed booth at JCK Las Vegas to help fund this initiative.

[Smiling Rocks booth at JCK Las Vegas]

Based on the number of people who visited the Smiling Rocks booth at JCK Las Vegas, the company will build two new digital libraries in rural schools that are unable to afford or have the funds to equip its school with a computer classroom. “Digital Library” is an initiative to provide children in rural or village schools basic skills and knowledge in digital education through proper guidance and classroom. Smiling Rocks has built eight digital libraries and are aiming to build 100 digital libraries in total.

“This is an extremely humbling experience. I believe if I have a small part in empowering anyone, I would be happy to do so,” said Zulu Ghevriya CEO and co-founder of Smiling Rocks. “With digital education in these schools, children will not hesitate to take computer courses as their major interest or pursue higher education. It will make them compatible with others and face the challenges and opportunities.”

[Smiling Rocks digital libraries]

This initiative provides children a platform to build their digital skills at an early stage. With these skills, children are able to further continue their education with more confidence and are able to qualify for office jobs, such as clerks, administrative work etc. This initiative also allows the teachers to gain computer skills as well. The teachers will learn to be self-sufficient and able to educate their students in the long run.

[Smiling Rocks Mosaic Collection]

The brand also launched multiple collections at the show, with a focus of its Mosaic Collection, inspired by mosaic art, in which the company uses fancy cuts to create what it describes as “masterpiece designs.”

In addition, Smiling Rocks certification by SCS Global for its sustainable jewelry manufacturing. Also, it received Positive Luxury certification based on its on its environmental, social, and governance programs, receiving the Butterfly Mark.

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