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Smiling Rocks Builds Digital Libraries In India December 20, 2022 (0 comments)


New York, NY--Smiling Rocks, a lab-grown diamond jewelry company, has launched two new digital libraries in December in rural schools Surat, India. Through its retail partner support and business, it aims to build a “chain of smiles” through sustainable luxury. The brand says it is “committed to bringing change and positive impact in people’s lives.”

With the help of Y4D organization in India, the two new digital libraries were built in the elementary schools attended by the company’s co-founders, Zulu Ghevriya & Manish Jiwani. They are located in a rural village in Surat, namely Shree Depla K.V School & Shree Surnivas Primary School. Digital Library is an initiative to provide children in rural and village schools basic skills and knowledge in digital education through proper guidance and classroom.

“This is an extremely humbling experience. I believe if I have a small part in empowering anyone, I would be happy to do so. With digital education in these schools, children will not hesitate to take computer courses as their major interest or pursue higher education. It will make them compatible with others and face the challenges and opportunities.” said Zulu Ghevriya CEO and co-founder of Smiling Rocks.

Smiling Rocks’ mission is to build 100 digital libraries to provide children a platform to build their digital skills in an early stage. With these skills, children are able to further continue their education with more confidence and are able to qualify for office jobs, such as clerks, administrative work and other jobs. This initiative also allows the teachers to gain computer skills as well. The teachers will learn to be self-sufficient and able to educate their students in the long run.

“With today’s ever-changing and fast paced environment, it is becoming a necessity for everyone to be connected with the world,” the company said in a statement. “It is easy for us to have access, yet many under-privileged societies lack the platform. Smiling Rocks aims to continue building digital libraries in schools for all to have a better education and life for their future.”

Smiling Rocks donates 3% of its jewelry revenue and 1% of its loose diamond revenue to four charities: Education Support, Medical Support, Environmental Protection and Wildlife Protection. 

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