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Special Pianegonda Necklace Supports Pink Union Project Around Breast Cancer Treatment December 15, 2020 (0 comments)


Montegiorgio, Italy—Pianegonda has created a special limited-edition necklace in support of the Pink Union project of Humanitas Foundation for Research. The Pink Union project provides support for clinical and scientific research projects that focus on prevention and cure of the most common female pathologies. Pianegonda has created an 18k white and rose gold and sapphire necklace in three shades (on model), reminiscent of the Pink Union flag. The piece is being auctioned online as of December 14, on the CharityStars platform.

Dr. Corrado Tinterri, director of the Humanitas Breast Unit, says, "Breast cancer is a disease with a significant social impact, it is estimated that next year we will have almost 60,000 new diagnoses. Familiarity continues to be the strongest alarm bell, and the promptness of diagnosis is our best weapon to maintain excellent survival results,” he says. Currently, in Italy, 87% of women with the disease survive at least five years after diagnosis. “The other great resource available is research, that allows us to understand this disease more and more and set up effective and conservative targeted treatments for each woman. Our hope is to reach 100% survival, which is why it is essential that prevention and research do not stop, even in this period of pandemic," he continued.

The world of jewels comes together with the world of scientific research, says a statement from the jeweler. “As every Pianegonda jewel is designed for the woman who will wear it and it aims at enhancing the female universe, so Pink Union's Humanitas Research is dedicated to all women, because nothing is more precious than their health and well-being.”

All the proceeds from the final sale of this piece will help to support research aimed at evaluating whether not removing the axillary lymph nodes after neoadjuvant chemotherapy could lead to a significant worsening in survival or in the risk of relapse, and at comparing these results to those of patients carrying out standard treatment. The research is led by Dr. Tinterri and by Prof. Marta Scorsetti, head of radiotherapy and radiosurgery for the Humanitas Breast Unit.

Closeup of the Pianegonda necklace benefiting breast cancer research.

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